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 With a proven record of excellence, you can count on Gilbert’s Painting for top quality interior and exterior painting services. With more than 19 years experience, owner Travis Gilbert, is a true craftsman, dedicated to delivering the results you want, the service you need and the quality you deserve.


  • Travis, Graham, and crew did a wonderful job, got in and got the job done, painted the exterior of the house, painted and stained gate. Excellent prices. Referring them to everyone!. A+ Thanks guys!

    Tammy 03/29/2012

Wood finishes face many elements that attempt to destroy them. The sun is the most damaging. Ultra Violet Radiation breaks down the surface layer of the cell wall material; the first sign of this deterioration is “Graying” of the wood.

Wood also faces a constant wet-dry cycle, swelling when wet and shrinking when dry. The heat of the summer and cold temperatures of the winter also contribute to this damage. The result of these conditions is usually cracking and splitting of the wood.

Debris between the spaces of boards prevents water run-off, thus allowing for mold, mildew and other wood rotting fungi to further destroy the wood.

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