Valley Of The Sun Resistant Exterior Paint For Phoenix & Gilbert Residents

Exterior paint not only makes a house look good on the outside, but it also protects it as long as good quality exterior paint is used.

The exterior of the house is constantly exposed to all sorts of external factors such as rain, dust, and, most especially in Phoenix, the harsh rays of the sun. All of these factors damage the paint and the appearance of the house itself. Who would want that? Fortunately, homeowners now have the option to prevent this damage by using UV-resistant paint for their houses’ exterior.

UV Resistant Exterior Paints

For those who want their homes to look good for a long period of time or for those who are selling properties, the appearance and the current condition of its exterior are important.

Exterior paints with UV resistance have been a lifesaver for consumers who want to keep the outside appearance of their house beautiful while also preventing it from damage.

One of the best UV-resistant exterior paints on the market today is the Behr Marquee, Sherwin Williams SuperPaint, Dunn Edwards Eversheild, and PPG Advantage which we use when painting the home exterior.

Which Paint Is Best For Exterior Walls?

Paint colors are not the only important thing to consider when doing the exterior walls of a house. It is also important to use exterior paints which are resistant to or reduce damage from external factors such as the sun.

Latex-based exterior paints are the best choice for exterior walls. It dries quickly and any imperfections that show during the painting process can be easily cleaned. Latex-based paints can also adapt well with seasonal changes so it can stand harsh weather.

What Exterior Paint Color Fades The Least?

Paint colors show the personality of a house, however, colors which are prone to fading quickly can lower its value. For Phoenix residents, the main problem of their houses’ fading paint can be attributed to the hot climate and harsh sunlight. If a house is in the direct path of the sun, the paint will fade quickly and lose its color.

Dark colors are more prone to fading than light colors but one should also take note of the high UV exposure of the Phoenix area. Brown, beige, and tan colors are the best exterior paint color choices. However, if bright colors are preferred, choose those with muted tones rather than vibrant ones so as to prevent it from easily fading. Whatever the choice, use only high-quality exterior paints that will guarantee a long-lasting color.

Exterior Paint Problems

As mentioned before, exterior walls are constantly subjected to harsh weather conditions. Due to being exposed, the exterior paint deals with a lot of problems. Below are some of the common problems of exterior paint:

  • Paint bubbling or blistering
  • Peeling
  • Chalking
  • Fading
  • Mildew
  • Sagging or Running
  • Alligatoring or Crocodiling

To avoid these problems, it is highly recommended to use high-quality paints that can make the paint last longer.

What Causes Paint To Blister?

Blisters happen when paint is put on a damp, dirty, or hot surface. Applying paint on a surface which is in direct sunlight would also cause it to blister. Latex-based paints are the number one victims of blistering especially if exposed immediately to high humidity, dew, or rain after application.

What Causes Paint To Bubble On Walls?

If a house doesn’t have proper ventilation, moisture escapes through its walls, causing the paint to bubble. The moisture makes the paint lose its adhesion to the wall and lifts it off the surface. There are also instances when a wall isn’t cleaned thoroughly and the old paint will bubble up when it gets wet.

What Is The Best Exterior Paint?

The best exterior paint is something that can withstand the harsh weather conditions and resists fading, dirt, dust, and mildew. High-quality paints are the preferred option as they give the best results.

Some of the best exterior paints in the market include Behr Marquee, Sherwin Williams SuperPaint, Dunn Edwards Eversheild, and PPG Advantage. It is an advanced paint and primer which has high UV and dirt resistance. It also has better adhesion which prevents the paint from bubbling or blistering.

Does Dark Exterior Paint Fade?

Yes, dark paint is prone to fading faster than lighter paints since it absorbs more UV rays. The moisture and heat that is soaked up by a dark paint color will cause moisture problems and eventually lead to fading. If a house is situated in direct sunlight, chances are more touch-ups will be needed.

How Long Should Exterior Paint Last?

There are several factors to be considered when talking about the longevity of exterior paint:

  • Preparation
  • Siding material
  • Paint process
  • Paint quality
  • Maintenance

Paint on stucco walls usually lasts about at least 10 years, while paint on wood surfaces only last 5 to 7 years. It also depends on how well the surface is prepared before painting. When done incorrectly, the paint may suffer from blistering or cracking in just a short period of time.

To make sure that exterior paint is going to last long, make sure you get the services of a professional painting contractor.

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