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Regularly updating or maintaining your commercial building’s paint job, both inside and outside, is a smart way to increase its value because it ensures that your property is always in the best condition possible.

Gilbert’s Painting is Phoenix’s professional commercial painting company. We know how important it is to manage a property, and we pride ourselves on giving our customers a complete commercial painting service that’s both high quality and affordable.

Benefits of a Fresh Coat of Paint

A simple coat of paint can bring many benefits to your business’ commercial building, and even more when performed by an expert commercial painting company. Let’s explore a few:

Increases Property Lifespan

Annually repainting your commercial building will prevent future damages normally caused by weather elements, such as rain and high temperatures. It’s better to prevent or avoid this type of damages since they are expensive to fix.

At Gilbert’s Painting, we use high-quality paint to ensure protection against long-term sun exposure and water leaks.

Increases Property Value

In 2018, Home Gain carried out a National Home Improvement Survey that found that the benefit of exterior painting is a 55% return on investment and a 107% return for interior painting.

“It’s the least expensive investment for the biggest return,” says Jennie Norris, chairwoman of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals.

Attracts New Clients

We know that first impressions matter, and it matters most to customers. Investing in a building’s paint job is a good start to increase customer awareness and keep them coming back to you.

A clean, well-maintained building that complies with all industry regulations will make your customers comfortable and joyful when attending your premises. 

We Love Taking Care of Your Business  

With over 27 years of experience, we’ve proven ourselves to be the best in our field. The PDCA accredits us, and we’ve worked with many commercial and industrial clients, such as:

  • Homeowners associations
  • HOA Fencing
  • Hospitality
  • Multifamily
  • Apartments
  • Shopping Centers
  • Industrial Buildings

Whichever type of commercial building you need to be taken care of with a professional paint job, Gilbert’s Painting has you covered. We’re committed to delivering excellence at affordable prices.

The #1 Painting Contractor in Arizona 

We’re Arizona’s best full-service, licensed, and insured commercial painting company. With us, excellence is 100% guaranteed.

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