• My wife and I had just moved back to Arizona from Seattle, WA and needed to have a concrete floor re finished in our new business. Just like everyone else I wanted quality work for a reasonable price. I don't expect great things to come at no cost!

    I came across Gilbert's Painting from doing an extensive internet search and gave them a call after I had talked to about 9 other businesses. I was shocked that I had finally reached someone (Travis) that actually wanted to help. Not only was he great on the phone but he made time for me that same day while he was in between jobs. Travis, himself, came out to our shop to look at the floor.

    His price was in the top 3 best offers but I felt he would have done by far a better job than the other 2 that were cheaper. Travis gave me a quote to epoxy our concrete floor but then also gave us another option that would save us a ton of money if I wasn't scared of a little hard work. Not only that, he pointed me in the right direction to find the product I needed and gave me detailed instructions.

    I ended up doing the floors myself since we needed to save some money to start our business and was pleasantly surprised that it worked out just as he had said it would.

    About a week later my phone rang and it was Travis calling to see how my project went and to make sure I was alright. I didn't even put money in this guys pocket and he still cared about my well being. That is the definition of a good guy and great business owner. Thank you Travis for being what all business owners should be, HONEST!!

    I highly recommend Gilbert's Painting solely based on my experience with the owner.

    Casey H. 8/12/2014
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