Definition: Shiny spots or dull spots (also known as “flashing”) on a painted surface; uneven gloss.


* Applying paint unevenly causes painting, poor sheen uniformity
* Failure to prime a porous surface, or a surface with varying degrees of porosity
* Over-thinning of the paint causes poor sheen uniformity
* Poor application resulting in lapping
* Use of low-quality paint causes painting poor sheen uniformity

Painting Poor Sheen Uniformity Solutions:

* New surfaces should be primed/sealed before applying the topcoat to ensure a uniform surface.
* Often another coat of paint will even out the sheen irregularities. Make sure to apply paint from “wet to dry” to prevent lapping.
* Use a high-quality water-based enamel paint to avoid painting poor sheen uniformity.

For More Information: Painting Poor Sheen Uniformity

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