Painting Playground Equipment Arizona

Playgrounds provide hours of fun for children in parks, schools, and even at home. However, since they live outdoors, playgrounds are exposed to the elements, and harsh weather contributes to wear and tear. Since buying new ones isn’t always an option, if they’re still in excellent condition, a coat of paint should do the trick and get them looking as good as new.

At Gilbert’s Painting, our professional painters can take on playground equipment painting in Arizona. We’ll make this a hassle-free process.

Painting Playground Equipment Arizona

The Importance Of A Painted Playground

Whether it’s at a park, school, or in a backyard, you can extend a playground’s lifespan with a coat of paint. More importantly, a coat of the right paint can help you ensure that playgrounds are fun and safe for kids in your community. Here are 3 reasons why an adequately painted playground is important. 


When playground equipment gets rusty, it becomes a safety hazard for children. With a coat of paint, the rust is removed and provides extra safety as it’s slip-resistant. It also provides safety because, with a fresh coat of paint, you can easily spot any broken parts or anything out of place and in need of attention. 


It would be best if you painted a playground to restore its brilliance, color, and gets rid of a tired look. The aesthetic of the playground influences and enhances the playground experience. There is a wide variety of colors available to choose from, depending on where your playground is located.


A coat of paint can extend the life of your playground equipment. It is water-resistant and serves as a layer from the elements. It will also prevent the playground from deteriorating as quickly as it would’ve without the proper paint application. 

How We Work

At Gilbert’s Painting, we have a unique painting system for metal surfaces, such as playground equipment. We offer electrostatic painting, which is the perfect technique to paint areas that are difficult to reach and provide an even smooth coat. 

If you have any questions or would like more information about our playground equipment painting services in Arizona, we are happy to have a conversation with you. Get in touch with us for a free estimate, and we can start working on your project.