Definition: Accumulation of dirt, dust and/or other debris on the paint film; may resemble mildew. When you are painting avoid dirt pick-up.


* Use of low-quality paints can look like dirt pick-up
* Soil splashing onto siding can look like dirt pick-up
* Air pollution, car exhaust and airborne dust collecting on house body and trim

Painting Dirt Pick-up Solutions:

* If unsure whether the problem is dirt or mildew, conduct a simple spot-test with bleach.
* Remove dirt with a scrub brush and detergent solution, followed by thorough rinsing with a garden hose. Heavier dirt accumulations may require the use of a power washer. Stubborn dirt may require the use of a degreaser or cleaner.
* Painting with a high-quality paint that is formulated to provide superior dirt pick-up resistance.

For More Information: Painting Dirt Pick-up

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