Paint Wrinkling Problems – Phoenix/Gilbert Residents

Definition: Development of a yellow cast in aging paint; most noticeable in the dried films of white paints or clear varnishes is called paint “yellowing“.



* Normal oxidation of oil-based paint or varnish
* Exposure to heat from stoves, radiators and heating ducts
* Exposure of oil-based paints to household cleaners that contain ammonia
* Lack of light

Definition: A rough, paint wrinkling on the surface that occurs when the top coat dries before the bottom layer.



Painting during extremely hot weather, which causes the paint film to dry faster on the top than the bottom
* Painting when humidity levels are high
* Applying too thick a film of alkyd or oil-based paints
* Applying a top coat before the primer or first coat has dried thoroughly
* Applying a hard finish over a softer coat without priming, or painting over a glossy surface without sanding



Paint wrinkling can be solved; First, remove the wrinkled layers. If the layers underneath are soft, they can be removed by scraping; if they are aged, you may need to use chemical paint removers (wear safety gear as directed).
Paint wrinkling can be Sanded until smooth and remove dust.
* Avoid painting in high humidity or extreme temperatures(below 50º F and above 100º F).
* Areas stripped to the bare wood should be primed with a high-quality primer and allowed to dry thoroughly.
* Apply a high-quality paint. Avoid paint wrinkling by brushing out each coat thoroughly and allowing it to dry completely before applying the next coat.

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