Definition: Development of a yellow cast in aging paint; most noticeable in the dried films of white paints or clear varnishes is called paint “yellowing“.


* Normal oxidation of oil-based paint or varnish
* Exposure to heat from stoves, radiators and heating ducts
* Exposure of oil-based paints to household cleaners that contain ammonia
* Lack of light

Definition: A rough, paint wrinkling on the surface that occurs when the top coat dries before the bottom layer.


* Painting during extremely hot weather, which causes the paint film to dry faster on the top than the bottom
* Painting when humidity levels are high
* Applying too thick a film of alkyd or oil-based paints
* Applying a top coat before the primer or first coat has dried thoroughly
* Applying a hard finish over a softer coat without priming, or painting over a glossy surface without sanding

Paint Wrinkling Solutions

* Paint wrinkling can be solved; First, remove the wrinkled layers. If the layers underneath are soft, they can be removed by scraping; if they are aged, you may need to use chemical paint removers (wear safety gear as directed).
* Paint wrinkling can be Sanded until smooth and remove dust.
* Avoid painting in high humidity or extreme temperatures(below 50º F and above 100º F).
* Areas stripped to the bare wood should be primed with a high-quality primer and allowed to dry thoroughly.
* Apply a high-quality paint. Avoid paint wrinkling by brushing out each coat thoroughly and allowing it to dry completely before applying the next coat.

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Paint Wrinkling Explained

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