Choosing the right exterior paint for your multi-family apartment isn’t’ about selecting the color scheme that looks good. An exterior building painting requires a lot of planning and is key to drive more traffic to your property.

Besides, as the manager, you are responsible for creating the appearance of a building that stands out from the competition. Let’s explore two main factors to consider when selecting a multifamily apartment painting.

Building Type

These types of buildings can be intimidating since the size, architectural style, and existing materials influence a multi-family apartment painting job. So, before starting any project, you have to analyze the property’s specifications and future plans carefully.

The right color scheme will provide balance and visual relief to any visitor. For example, large buildings painted in one neutral color can take on an institutional look, and modern-highrise buildings will require a sophisticated palette.

The Surface That Will be Painted

You will have to choose the appropriate paint depending on your surface’s material. Is the surface made of wood or brick? Masonite or vinyl? Keep in mind that the same paint color will look very different based on the surface’s type. A useful tip is to start with the existing roof color and the building’s trim and then create a palette around it.

Residents and Potential Residents

Knowing your residents’ demographics and understanding their needs and desires are key when painting your multi-family building. You must think about your target market and define if you’re focusing on young families, professionals, or retirees.

Commonly, professionals prefer elegant and sophisticated color palettes. On the other hand, retirees like traditional colors that create cozy and warm spaces.

How Colors Influence Your Resident’s Mood

Colors influence your resident’s mood, depending on the brightness, shade, and tone. Let’s learn how you can evoke feelings on your customers:

Warm Colors

These colors stimulate your resident’s feelings of optimism, happiness, and energy. E.g.: Red, orange, and yellow.

Happy Colors

The brighter and lighter the color is, the more happy and optimistic it will make you feel. E.g.: Yellow, orange, pink, peach, and lilac.

Cool Colors

If you want to display a calm and secure environment, cool colors are the right path to follow. E.g.: Green, blue, and purple.

Surrounding Areas

Your multifamily apartment painting should be attractive enough to stand out from the competition but without opposing the surrounding style. By using the right complementary colors, your property will fit in with the neighboring buildings and attract positive attention at the same time. The goal is to have the best-looking building in the area, not the brightest or the darkest.

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