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Paint Incompatibility For Phoenix/Gilbert Residents

Definition: Loss of adhesion when a water-based topcoat is applied over many old coats of oil-based paint. Leads to paint incompatibility.   CAUSES: * Use of water-based paint …

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Painting Peeling From Galvanized Metal For Phoenix/Gilbert Residents

Definition: Paint has lost its adhesion to a galvanized metal surface.   CAUSES: * Inadequate or improper surface preparation * Failure to use a primer before …

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Painting Mud Cracking For Phoenix/Gilbert Residents

Definition: Deep, irregular cracks resembling dried mud in dry paint film.   CAUSES: * Applying too much paint, usually over a porous surface * Allowing …

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Definition: Mildew is a fungus (mold) that grows on many exterior painted surfaces, as well as on interior bathroom walls and other humid or poorly ventilated interior areas. If …

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Painting Fading/Poor Color Retention For Phoenix/Gilbert Residents

Definition: Premature and/or excessive lightening of the paint color that typically occurs on surfaces with a southern exposure. Fading/poor color retention can also be a result …

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How To Paint Over Efflorescence For Phoenix/Gilbert Residents

Have you noticed white patches all over your walls? This is a typical painting problem that homeowners and managers experience, and if not treated properly, …

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