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Painting Poor Sheen Uniformity For Phoenix/Gilbert Residents

Definition: Shiny spots or dull spots (also known as “flashing”) on a painted surface; uneven gloss.   CAUSES: * Applying paint unevenly causes painting, poor sheen uniformity ...
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Painting Poor Hide For Phoenix/Gilbert Residents

Definition: Failure of dried paint to obscure or “hide” the surface to which it is applied is referred to as Painting poor hide.   CAUSES: * ...
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Painting Poor Gloss Retention For Phoenix/Gilbert Residents

Definition: Deterioration of the paint, resulting in premature and/or excessive loss of gloss.   CAUSES: * Use of an interior paint for an exterior application will ...
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Painting Poor Flow And Leveling For Phoenix/Gilbert Residents

Definition: Failure of paint to dry to a smooth film, resulting in unsightly brush and roller marks after the paint dries.   CAUSES: * Use of ...
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Painting Peeling From Wood For Phoenix/Gilbert Residents

Definition: Occurs when wet wood expands and contracts from moisture and temperature change, causing the paint film to loosen, crack and roll at exposed edges and ...
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Painting Poor Alkali Resistance For Phoenix/Gilbert Residents

Definition: Color loss and overall deterioration of paint film on fresh masonry.   CAUSES: * Applying oil-based or vinyl water-based paints to new masonry that has ...
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