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Painting Vinyl Siding Warp For Phoenix/Gilbert Residents

Definition: Warping or buckling of vinyl siding panels that have been repainted.   CAUSES: *Painting vinyl siding with a darker color than the original color. Dark colors ...
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Painting Tannin Staining For Phoenix/Gilbert Residents

Definition: Tan or brownish discoloration on the paint surface. Tannins exist in many woods, most notably cedar and redwood and can bleed through to the surface, ...
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Painting Surfactant Leaching For Phoenix/Gilbert Residents

Definition: Painting surfactant leaching appears as blotchy, sometimes glossy, tan or brownish spots on the surface of latex paints. Surfactants are a necessary ingredient in making paint. ...
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Painting Poor Stain Resistance For Phoenix/Gilbert Residents

Definition: Failure of the paint to resist absorption of dirt and stains.   CAUSES: * Application of paint to unprimed surfaces causes  poor stain resistance * ...
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Painting Sagging For Phoenix/Gilbert Residents

Definition: Downward “drooping” movement of the paint film immediately after application, resulting in an uneven coating or painting sagging.   CAUSES: * Applying too much paint ...
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Painting Poor Sheen Uniformity For Phoenix/Gilbert Residents

Definition: Shiny spots or dull spots (also known as “flashing”) on a painted surface; uneven gloss.   CAUSES: * Applying paint unevenly causes painting, poor sheen uniformity ...
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