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In order to create an impact in your commercial building, you must ensure it’s in optimum conditions. A well-provided paint job makes quite the difference in the overall fresh appearance a building gives.

At Gilbert’s Painting, we’re very well known as commercial interior painting contractors in Phoenix. We’ll be able to restore your buildings’ dull appearance to a new, fresher, and welcoming look.

Since our very first beginnings in 1993, we have been delivering quality services and continue to grow. We have built strong bonds with our clients, and we have earned their trust thanks to our differential values.

What You Should Know About Us   

Through our painting services, we give back to our community. A professionally painted building says a lot about what you can expect from it.

At Gilbert’s Painting, we make sure to deliver the best possible quality. We’re the best service, licensed, bonded, and insured painting contractor in Phoenix, Arizona.

We serve industrial operations and business establishments, offering our complete painting services. We know the importance of a high-quality painting job service, which is why we strive to provide the best painting outcomes.

A building’s painting says a lot about how much maintenance is provided to it. If you’re an apartment building owner, you’ll hardly find interested tenants when your building’s interior painting is cracked or peeled.

At Gilbert’s Painting, we have just what you need: quality paint, all color options, and the best professional painters, all at a very affordable price.

What To Expect From Our Specialized Interior Services

Due to our commercial interior painting services, we’ll be able to restore its old washed-out paint and leave it looking like new. Our interior services include:

  • Washing adhesion problem areas
  • Caulking and puttying
  • Priming bare wood
  • Protecting floors and nearby elements
  • Scraping and sanding
  • Applying top quality interior paint
  • Wallpaper removal

We’re ready to tackle any job, whether big or small.

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