Commercial Electrostatic
Painting Services in Arizona

Electrostatic Painting has become the most advanced painting technique in the industry. This outstanding method provides factory-like-finishes, and it’s highly recommended for commercial applications.

If you’re looking for a painting solution that improves your commercial building’s appearance, electrostatic painting is your answer. Gilbert’s Arizona Painting Contractors is the best painting contractor in Arizona, and we offer this service through spray painting.

We know how important it’s to manage a property. For this reason, we always provide top-quality services that exceed anyone’s expectations.

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How Electrostatic Painting Works

Electrostatic painting takes advantage of a metal object’s negative charge, using positively-charged paint particles from a special gun. Both charges attract each other, and the paint effortlessly wraps around the surface.

Professional painters are required to do this work since specialized equipment, such as a high volume low-pressure spray gun, is needed. Besides, at Gilbert’s Arizona Painting Contractors, we only hire certified painters and provide them with the necessary tools and training.

When to Use this Method

Electrostatic Painting is typically used for intricate surfaces that are hard to reach and metal surfaces. Therefore, any surface that conducts electricity can be painted using electrostatic paint.

Typically, it’s used in commercial settings to paint metal rails and stairways, metal doors and window frames, production equipment, filing cabinets, office furniture, fences, and much more.

The Benefits of Electrostatic Painting

Enhancing your commercial building appearance has never been easier with electrostatic painting. Here are three benefits you’ll enjoy by using this first-rate painting method.


The automotive industry works with electrostatic painting because it ensures aesthetically pleasing results since the paint is distributed uniformly.

Fast Dry

Usually, it takes about 24 hours for the paint to cure completely. Therefore, you’ll be able to continue your business operation on a regular schedule.

Durable Painting

Electrostatic painting extends the lifespan of metal objects by preventing corrosion. Moreover, it has higher durability than other painting methods. For this reason, it’s used in the automotive industry.

Electrostatic Painting Experts in Arizona

Gilbert’s Arizona Painting Contractors is the number one painting company in Arizona. With over 27 years of experience, we’ve been recognized for our excellent service and outstanding results. Contact us today and learn more about our top-quality painting jobs at affordable prices.