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Give that extravagant look to your building with a qualified exterior painting.

When was the last time you provided maintenance to it? A building’s paint tends to lose shine after five to ten years, depending on its location, the climate, the weather conditions it is exposed to, and the quality of the previous paint job.

If you consider it’s about time for the next paint job in your building, you can count on Gilbert’s Painting. We offer commercial building exterior painting in Phoenix.

With our quality and complete painting service, we’ll give back the life your building deserves.

Get The Most Out Of Our Exterior Painting Services

Through an excellent painting job, you invite people into your commercial building, mall, office business, or any other kind. When you have your building freshly painted, you give life back to it, making it look like new.

There are plenty of further benefits that a well-painted exterior building brings out, such as:


An old paint job exposes your exterior building to get damaged from the outside in. Paints come with protective components that safeguard the walls and structure of your building. With a thorough painting job, you’re giving your building reinforced maintenance and longevity.

External Appeal

Our first perception of a building comes from its external appearance. We’re all drawn into a place that’s appealing from the outside, and a well-painted building says a lot about what you can expect or find on the inside.


The color you choose for your building, along with excellent quality, adds a lot of aesthetic and personality to it. We’ll be able to give a distinctive look to your building with our wide variety of paint colors.

Our Specialized Exterior Services

At Gilbert’s Painting, we do more than a paint job. We go further by providing our customers with complete painting service. We do it all from:

  • Power washing
  • Scraping and sanding
  • Filling voids and cracks in siding and trim
  • Reglazing windows
  • Caulking and priming where necessary
  • Applying top quality finishing paint
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