Paint Cracking

Definition: Splitting of the paint film through at least one coat, leading to failure of the paint. Hairline cracks appear initially, but progress to paint chips falling off the surface – or [...]

Paint Alligatoring

Definition: Patterned cracking in the paint film resembling an alligator’s scales. Cracks may affect only a single layer of paint and may not reach the surface. Progression: May begin as slight [...]

10 Uses for Leftover House Paint

Finished up your paint job and have leftover house paint? No worries! Here are 10 great ideas for putting it to good use! According to the Environmental Protection Agency, leftover house paint is [...]

Paint Blistering

Definition: Lifting of the paint film from the underlying surface, which appears as bubbles or blisters in the paint, usually caused by heat, moisture or a combination of both. This condition can [...]

Paint Blocking

.Definition: Paint blocking occurs when two freshly painted surfaces stick together when pressed against each other, such as a door sticking to the jamb or window sticking to the sill. [...]

Problem: Burnishing

Definition: Increase in gloss or sheen of the paint film when rubbed, scrubbed or brushed up against; more noticeable in darker colors. Problem: Burnishing Causes: * Use of a flat paint in [...]

Problem Chalking

Definition: The formation of fine powder on the surface of the paint, due to weathering. Progression: All paints chalk to some degree; it is a normal, desirable way for the paint film to wear. [...]

Painting Dirt Pick-up

Definition: Accumulation of dirt, dust and/or other debris on the paint film; may resemble mildew. When you are painting avoid dirt pick-up. Causes: * Use of low-quality paints can look like dirt [...]

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