Drywall Services

From start to finish, we guarantee the highest quality of workmanship. Focusing our special attention to customer care. Our skilled workers complete your project to your exacting specifications.


An essential component – our open communication with home builder superintendents, trade superintendents and home owners ensures both compliance and satisfaction.

The Gilbert’s Painting team takes pride in paying attention to little things. That’s why we have established special staged procedures, designed to eliminate typical issues before they come up.

Our Standard Process:

  • Check framing before hanging sheetrock
  • Floor marking for light boxes, cut outs, etc.
  • Cut outs for straps, pipes, etc
  • Masking off fire places
  • Caulk corners in living area
  • Cover all exposed concrete areas
  • Sweeping, trash & nail pick up
  • Tubs completely cleaned out
  • Pre-paint touch-up
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